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Rustik Craft – Healthier life starts with Metallic Cookware

Rustik Craft is the dream venture of Viraat Enterprises, the pioneer in eco-friendly natural kitchenware, tableware, drinkware and all other metallic products. The visionaries duo Sangeeta Sharma and Rajeev Agarwal here saw cast iron cookware and copper drinkware and serve ware as the starting point to combat mineral deficiency in the body and thus, gave birth to a line that used cast iron and other mineral-rich metals like copper, brass, bronze etc. as main raw material. This whole range is an awesome reminiscent of the golden days when the ladies of the house made use of cast iron cooking utensils and early morning ritual to drink water in copper vessel etc. Our forefathers were aware about the medicinal properties of using all these utensils, but as the time change new generations started using easy and shortcut method like using aluminum, Teflon coated and plastic. The result we all know in the form of mineral deficiency and all lifestyle diseases.

Rustik Craft utilizes the most skilled artisans who employ the finest manufacturing process in making utensils that is quite abreast of the present trends too. Their expertise lies in making utensils the handcrafted way while ensuring that the medicinal properties remain intact once the final product reaches the shelf.

We work with the Craftspeople, by contemporizing their products for today’s lifestyle, thereby making the old relevant in the new. Working on the mission of “Vintage to Vogue”, Rustik Craft is synonymous with healthy living. Its cooking range comprises of Cast Iron naturally pre-seasoned cookware, and other metallic Copper, Brass &Bronze items. The company also deals in Wooden Handcrafted Products and Decorative Products. It offers trendiest décor solutions. You can also shop for gift items to make your loved ones happy. No chemical is used to season our utensils.

So, get back to the roots and revive the magic of the golden times when health began in the kitchen! When you are down on minerals, all you need is a correct utensils coming straight from Rustik Craft in the kitchen and add the mineral supplements in your diet. Switch to handcrafted vessels, gift items and décor pieces and give your living space a healthy makeover. One portion of our income is used for the welfare of children of underprivileged families.


Health begins with good utensils. Health and Happiness begin with Rustik Craft!

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