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Oval Cast Iron Sizzler Plate


Oval Cast Iron Sizzler Plate

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  • Plate 1550 gms 5.8” 9.5” h 0.8” w tray 400 gms 13.5”x6.8 x 1”
  • Colour : Black, Wooden
  • Material : Cast Iron, Wood

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  • Can be used for Grilled, Fried, Stir-fry veg and non-veg dishes and many more.
  • Cast-iron surface conducts heat better than other materials; surface grows more stick-resistant with use
  • Premium sturdy wooden trivet/coaster included
  • Easy to Clean & use.
  • Long lasting & Multi-use.


Oval in shape, this tray is casted from good quality cast iron comes with a wooden base thereby making it easy to carry to the table directly from stove or oven. The taste of hot sizzling dishes like kebabs, tikkas, hot chocolate brownies and many more can be enhanced when served on this cast iron sizzler with wooden tray. Whatever is served on this cast iron sizzler, the sizzling taste of the food is enhanced. An impressive and unique way to serve sizzler for your guests this cast iron sizzler is cost efficient and fulfils its purpose effectively.

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Weight 1.550 kg

Black, Wooden


Wood, Cast Iron


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