The usual materials that you see when you shop for drinkware are glass, plastic, or even aluminum. You can say that they are all fine to use since they are the typical materials you use, however, each of them has their pros and cons. For glass, they are very fragile and is not suitable for infants because it can shatter easily. Plastics are not safe for the environment as well because it doesn’t decay and using them multiple times can accumulate bacteria. Aluminum might be the best choice, but it would soon rust and you might taste it while even drinking water. Now that it was mentioned, what then is the best material to use for making drinkware? The answer is copper! Why? It can withstand any type of drink temperature and doesn’t depreciate its value in the long run. Why Choose Copper Copper drinkware being sold by Rustikcraft is one of the best and cheapest drinkware around the world since they are well-known for the quality of the products, particularly those items that are usually used by people. Since they’ve noticed the possible negative effects of other materials for drinkware, they found an alternative to make it better, which is the copper. Now, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee without getting your hand scorched by using copper cups because it will reflect back the heat inside, making the coffee inside hot, but retaining the normal temperature outside. Drinking cold drinks is also not a problem because now, you don’t need to worry about the glass getting moist outside because it assures that the cold temperature stays within the container, just like a refrigerator. Already convinced with wonders of copper drinkware? Hurry up and buy now at the website of Rustikcraft and see the wonders for yourselves.